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VIETNAM - the fifth Tiger

     What, when, where?
    - journey from 5 to 27 November 2005
    - booked here: Chamaeleon Reisen Berlin
    - 7 participants
    - travel route: Hanoi, Sapa, Lao Cai, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon,
      Can Tho, Mui Ne
    - means of transport: planes, busses, jeeps, Tuc-Tuc (real name!),
      junk, bicycle, night trains, rickshaw, kayak, ferry, boats

    - Hanoi: Hotel Zephyr (very exclusive, but shockingly expensive by
      vietnamese standards)
    - Sapa: Hotel Bamboo (quite used up; there are a lot better offers in
      Sapa by now)
    - Bergdorf Thanh Puh: overnight stay at a host family
      (great experience!)
    - Bac Ha: Hotel Sao Mai (a bit used up, but the best hotel far and wide)
    - Halong Bucht: 5 star junk (bookd at Handspan)
    - Can Tho: Golf Hotel (good located, very comfortable and modern)
    - Hoi An: Vinh Hung Resort (huge rooms, big pool and very close to the
      historic town centre)
    - Hue: Huong Giang Hotel (huge & luxurious, a bit "lifeless")
    - Saigon: Grand Hotel (great time-honored hotel from the french colonial
      times; perfectly situated)
    - Mui Ne: Blue Ocean Resort (nices resort; choose the bungalows directly
      to the beach!)

    Altogether we took nearly 700 pictures.
    Some of them you can find here.

    Picture Gallery:
    Vietnam Bilder