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    The last stage of our holidays in April and May were five days on Aruba, the A of the ABC Islands, belonging to the Lesser Antilles.
    These 117 Pictures are now finally online.

    In the course of our little caribbean round trip we've also spent four days on Curacao.
    Two gallerys (Capital Willemstad & the rest of Curacao) with a total of 181 pictures are now online.

    As we were really fascinated of our first journey to Venezuela two years ago, we came back at the end of April for 12 days. Contrary to our first trip the focus was on relaxing this time. The Pictures are now online.
    After that we went to the ABC Islands, more precisely to Curacao and Aruba. These pictures will be online soon.

    Now there are also the final three picture galleries of our nearly three-week round trip to the Azores online.
    So altogether there are now 497 pictures from the four islands Fayal, Pico, Terceira and Sao Miguel in four galleries on the website.

    In order to avoid that it might get too boring, for a change we decided to look for the cold this time. Finally we made a choice for Finnish Lapland, even behind of the arctic circle.
    117 pictures of this very recreative 10 day's journey are now online.

    The page with the most important information regarding our nearly three-week round trip to the Azores is online.
    We have seen the four islands Fayal, Pico, Terceira and Sao Miguel. Unfortunately there is only one gallery (Fayal) finished. The rest will follow soon.

    After our round trip to the Azores (pictures soon) we've spend three days in Lisbon, what is quite less time for this beautiful city so it became a bit stressful.
    But it was definitely worth it, not only because of the 233 pictures in the picture gallery.

    Although the summer was quite rainy so far, at our ballon ride over Leipzig the weather gods were on our side and so now there are more than 100 pictures in the picture gallery.

    Just one week after returning from our third journey to Cyprus the pictures are online. We were lazing around most of the time, so we didn't take so much pictures this time. (mostly the historic center of Nicosia)

    Three and a half years after our first holidays in Cyprus the picture gallery is finally online.
    Unfortunately a lot of the files were getting lost in the meantime. It's a great pity, but you play, you pay ;-)

    Because of periodic e-mails regarding our accommodations in Venezuela und Vietnam I've added the names, brief subscriptions and (as far as I know) the links to the websites.

    The gallery with the pictures of our 8 day's trip to London in May 2004 is finished.
    (164 pictures)

    The picture gallery of our dwarf rabbit Leo is online.

    The picture gallery with 272 pictures of our journey to Vietnam is now online.

    The picture gallery with 372 pictures of our trip to Mallorca Mallorca is finished.
    Just pictures, no description. Sorry for that :-(

    Motorsports page & gallery started.

    Cycling page started.

    The page with some information regarding our nearly four-week round trip to Venezuela is finished.
    Altogether there are now 290 pictures from Los Llanos, Andes, Canaima, Orinoco Delta and the caribbean coast in six galleries on the website.

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