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VENEZUELA - The best kept secret in the Caribbean

     What, when, where?
    - journey from 18 April to 12 May 2006
    - tours, flights, transfers etc. perfectly organized by Mr. Ronny Schmoch
      from Mariposa Tours Venezuela.
    - international flights with Lufthansa:
      Leipzig - Frankfurt - Caracas - Frankfurt - Leipzig
    - travel route: Caracas, Barinas, Los Llanos, Merida (Andes),
      Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto Ordaz, Canaima, Piacoa, Mochima, Carupano
    - means of transport: planes, jeeps, horses, different boats

    - Barinas: low-budget hotel for one night (forgot the name)
    - Los Llanos: Hato El Frio (good accommodation, great tours)
    - Alta Mira (Andes): Posada Cˇceres (simple, but clean & idyllic)
    - Tabay near Merida: Cabanas Xinia y Peter (5 stars!)
    - Ciudada Bolivar: Posada La Casita (really nice with exotic animals & pool
    - Canaima: simple camp and one night in hammocks in the djungle
      on orchid island (great experience)
    - Piacoa (Orinoco Delta): simple, but clean Posada of Roger Ruffenach
      (great guy, living in Venezuela for decades)
    - Mochima: Pension El Embajador (simple, but with AC and not far away
      from harbor)
    - Carupano: Posada Nena (nice Posada at the caribbean coast, also a
      good starting point for tours to the vicinity, e.g. cave of guacharo,
      peninsula Paria, Mochima, Playa Medina, Caripe etc.

    Altogether we took nearly 750 pictures.
    Some of them you can find here.

    Picture Gallery:
    Venezuela Pictures 2006

    More Venezuela pictures: Venezuela pictures